Africa Innovation Summit 2018 (AIS) – Innovation Track

Africa Innovation Summit 2018 (AIS) – Innovation Track

AIS 2018 Innovation Track and Exhibition will also form part of the main AIS event. The Innovation Track and Exhibition will select the top innovations from across the continent to be showcased and presented at AIS 2018. This opportunity will provide a stage to profile home-grown innovations and innovators on the continent.

Eligibility Criteria:

This opportunity is open to solutions that comply with the following criteria listed below – solutions that are:

African-based and operating from one or more African countries
Founded and managed by African nationals
Either for profit, non-profit or hybrid entities (i.e. social enterprises)
Solving one or more challenges that directly affect Africa in the following sectors (and/or any related value chains):
Food security and agriculture (SDG 2)
Energy (SDG 7)
Water and Sanitation (SDG 6)
Healthcare (SDG 3) and
Scalable: A solution that has the capability and potential to be enlarged and replicated to extend the reach of its mandate.
Innovative: A solution that addresses a challenge in a new and different way often through a simpler and more effective means.
Note that selection preference will be given to:

Existing solutions that are ready to scale for greater impact and reach
Existing solutions that are registered in country i.e. business registration number or NGO certification
Established solutions or ideas that can already prove a minimal viable product (MVP)
Established solutions or ideas that can demonstrate evidence of tracked impact
Established solutions that can demonstrate innovation – either in terms of actual product or service or delivery model (i.e. broad-base market reach)
Trip to Kigali:

Please note that flight and accommodation costs for participation in AIS will be covered for the top selected innovations.

Applications will Now close at Midnight Sunday 15 April 2018 (CAT).

For more information visit here.

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