Zimbabweans heartbroken that they cannot do Black Friday shopping in SA

Those that love shopping and cheap deals are crying foul over the failure to attend Black Friday sales in South Africa. With the promise that boarders will only open on the first of December, most cross boarder traders and general shoppers have been hindered from buying gadgets,clothes and even food items in neighbouring South Africa in their infamous Black Friday sales.

Every year scores of people cross into neighbouring South Africa to buy items on sale during the first week of November. People actually save up their money in order to do their once off massive shopping spree on these specific days. It is a time where sales dominate at malls and people queue for hours to buy things at reduced prices. Those that are into the business of buying and selling also take advantage of these sales to make extra profit. They have been dealt a major blow this year. The closure of the Zimbabwean boarder to South Africa has been a thorn in the flesh. What is more painful is the fact that most shops have announced that they will be holding Black Friday sales for the whole month of November.

Sources that spoke to this publication expressed grief and heartbreak at not being afforded a chance to cross over the other side. Those who had been saving up to go and hoard at black friday sales have been affected as the concept is non existent locally.

Most shops and retailers in South Africa partake in the Black friday charade. These include Game, Jet and even food stores such as Cambridge. What most Zimbabweans are left to relish are ads on television.

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