Danai Gurira to starr in an ‘Emmerson Munangagwa’ movie

Zimbabwean actress who is based in Hollywood Danai Gurira is set to join forces with Forrest Whitaker in an upcoming movie about Emmerson Munangagwa. The movie will be directed by Uk based Kenny Gasa and produced by Tatenda Gate.

The movie will focus on the life of the president of Zimbabwe in the Rhodesian era. It will be centred on his life, his imprisonment and the role that he played in the liberation struggle. The movie is still at pre-production stage and is it to be shot in Zimbabwe next month.

Tatenda Gate remarked that the movie will appeal to all black people especially the youth. He said, “The idea of the film is to capture the attention of black people across the globe and young forward thinking youths”. Zimbabwe attained its independence on the 18th of April in 1980 after a gruelling and painful guerilla war that caused the death of thousands of people.

The movie will also focus on the birth of the second republic in Zimbabwe and future prospects of economic development and rebuilding of the country’s image.

Both Danai Gurira and Forest Whitaker are big names in Hollywood. They both starred in the award winning movie ‘black panther’. Forrest Whitaker has also previously played the role of an African leader in the movie ‘The last king of Scotland’ in which he acted as the former president of Uganda Idi Amin.

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