Trevor D and Andy Muridzo shine

The collaboration between Trevor D and Andy Muridzo proved to be explosive following the release of their new video called ‘Mutumbu Nyekete’.

The video was shot in beautiful mountainous locations giving it a natural and earthy feel to it. There are also beautiful and well dressed ladies that take the video to a whole new level. Trevor D and Andy Muridzo clearly outdid themselves on this project.

The much awaited video was released yesterday after fans had been eagerly awaiting to catch a glimpse of the latest offering. The suo did not disappoint and from the responses received so far, they seem to have lived up to their fans’ expectations.

The video was produced by Naxo films and the beat was done by My Zion records. The well crafted choreography and colourful visuals rejuvenate the lyrics at the highest level. Coupled with the African themed outfits and make up, the video surely is a masterpiece.

Trevor D is known for hit songs such as ‘Ndashamisika’ and ‘Aftican girl’s. On the other hand Andy Muridzo is kknown for songs such as ‘Delilah’ and ‘Chidhafu dhunda’. Both artists are household names.

The new video also features Baba Harare.

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