Former VP Mphoko now considered a fugitive from justice.

The Zimbabwe police are on the lookout for former vice president P. Mphoko after his latest stunt. Mphoko was summoned to appear before ZACC officers in Bulawayo yesterday but sent his lawyers. They were advised that he was to appear personally as they wanted to take a statement from him with regards to charges of criminal abuse of office.

The former VP had promised to come. A neutral venue was suggested being a police station. True to his word, the VP turned up at the police station but before he could make any contact with police officers he sped off in his car, such that even the famous “transporter”, Jason Statham stood no chance.

Policemen were left stunned and puzzled and it took them some time to fathom what had just happened. A manhunt has just been launched for Mphoko who has not been located ever since his dramatic escape. Mphoko is alleged to have ordered junior police officers to release from custody Zinara Acting chief executive Moses Juma. This was done when he was still second in command to the former president Robert Mugabe.

Mphoko is now considered a fugitive. ZACC spokesperson commissioner John Makamure stated,” He is on the run because when our officers went to meet him at the police station to record warned and cautioned statements, he drive off at high speed”.

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