Environmental Management Agency pushes government to ban the use of diapers.

The Environmental Management Agency EMA is lobbying government to put a ban on the use of disposable diapers. EMA has cited that the continued use of diapers is a ticking time bomb considering the health hazard they pose. It has been alleged that the poo on diapers usually ends up in rivers and dams thereby contaminating drinking water leading to out real of diseases such as cholera. Most people do not safely dispose of poo such as removing it and flushing it before disposing of the diaper.

Some residents have however argued that diapers are more convenient and save on soap as opposed to old fashioned nappies. With the issue of water shortages and exhorbitant prices of soap and washing powder, most people would rather use diapers. EMA Bulawayo office has said it is now time to ban the use of diapers based on assessment since they were first introduced.

According to green a conventional diaper cannot be recycled, takes at least 500 years to decompose and an average baby uses about 3 000 diapers during its first year of life. It is important that a conclusive soulution be reached on the issue of disposing of diapers. Others have called for producers of diapers to be held liable for the environmental damage that they are causing but that might not you’d much results as most of them are produced outside the country.

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