Biti exposes ED and secret hospital

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime has been accused of setting up a secret covid-19 centre where the political and business elite will be able to get first-class treatment away from the masses. These stunning allegations have been made by MDC Vice President and former Finance Minister Tendai Biti.

Biti’s allegations come at a time when the rumour mill on Zimbabwe’s social media platforms has been in overdrive with reports that the ruling Zanu PF party and its top supporters have set up a state of the art Covid-19 private medical facility for themselves.The rationale for the alleged setting up of the private facility is that the political elite who never use local medical facilities preferring to fly out even for routine check-ups have been left in a bind because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The countries which the political elite favour for medical treatment have all closed their borders as they try to contain the scourge of the coronavirus.Biti who has a knack for discovering some of the government’s closely held secrets alleged that the government has contracted controversial Harare physician, Dr Vivek Solanki, to set up the private medical facility. Dr Solanki was recently accused by the Makamba family of demanding U$$120 000 in order to set up an Intensive Care Unit at Wilkins Hospital to save their son Zororo when he was in respiratory distress.

Dr Solanki allegedly informed the family that after making the payment, they would have to donate the equipment to Wilkins Hospital if Zororo later recovered. Unfortunately, Zororo succumbed to the coronavirus on Monday.Writing on social media, Tendai Biti said,It appears that the regime is setting up a private #COVID2019 facility for itself. The notorious Dr Solanki who demanded US$120 000 to set up a unit at #Wilkins appears to have been mandated to set this up. There is no limit, shame, remorse or elasticity to the evils of this regime.

According to Biti, Dr Solanki is currently on a recruitment drive and is promising doctors who join his private medical centre remuneration in United States Dollars. A leaked message shared by Biti reads

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