Police burn vegetables enroute to the market

There has been an outpour of rage and anger at the behaviour of the police during this lockdown period. Some vendors from Mutare who had packed up their vegetables and fruits enroute to the market were stripped off of their stock. It was later piled up under some tyres and burned to ashes. People have described the act as pure cruelty.

The lockdown has affected the ease of doing business for vendors and those that survive on informal trading. Consumers are also crying foul at the lack of fresh produce.

Police have been tracking down people without movement passes or letters from their employers. The president announced a total lockdown for 21 days and advised people to stay at home in order to avoid contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Zimbabwe has had 8 confirmed cases including one death. Unlike South Africa, which currently has over one thousand confirmed cases Zimbabwe has very few confirmed cases.

Most people have called on the government to give out incentives to citizens such as grocery hampers just like the president of Rwanda did. The lockdown has indeed causes untold suffering for those who could not afford to buy food in bulk. Street kids have also been hard hit

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