Police brutality condemned #Justice for Floyd

The death of George Floyd in the USA following an altercation with police has sparked so much outrage. The effects of his death after a police officer kneeled on his throat have had a ripple effect worldwide. There are protests in the USA and black people have been speaking out against racism on major news channels such as the BBC. Zimbabwe has joined the bandwagon in speaking out against police brutality.

The issue has now been used as an example back home as families of victims of police brutality speak out. Those whose relatives were hot during the August shootings have come forward and castigated the use of force against unarmed civilians. This also comes in the wake of the three female MDC activists who were recently abducted and tortured and left for dead. Police brutality seems to be a phenomenon affecting the whole world.

Others decried the hypocrisy of local people joining in the uprising against an incident in the USA when no such thing was done for local victims.

George Floyd was alleged to have resisted arrest prompting a police officer to kneel on his throat. He could be heard struggling to breathe and mumbling “i can’t breathe”. The white police officer ignored his plea and he eventually succumbed to being kneeled on. An autopsy conducted however has revealed that he did not die due to what he was exposes to adding even more flames to the already raging fire against racism. Many people have been arrested in the US.

Celebrities have joined the group of people calling for justice for Floyd. Famous model Chrissy Teigen has pledged to pay 100 000 dollars to those arrested for protesting in the streets.

Donald Trump has however hit back at protestors and promised to bring the military to deal with those protesting and looting. He said when the looting starts shots will be fired. This has enraged people even more.

Locally people have been calling for police brutality to come to an end.

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