“Be involved in politics” Madam boss, Dj Stavo encourage artists

Celebrities have called on fellow celebrities to take a stand in politics. Speaking on the issue, comedian Madam boss encouraged those in the arts industry to take politics seriously and also raise their voice as political issues also affected them. Madam boss said artists must come together and actively participate in political matters as they also impacted on their lives.

The issue comes at a time when there is growing discontentment at the way the country’s affairs are being handled. The tumbling economy and high levels of corruption have become a great cause for concern.

Another artist, former spinner Dj Stavo also echoed the same sentiments. He said artists must use their platforms to raise awareness on political matters. Most artists have tried to shy away from political issues probably for fear of persecution but the Dj said they must be involved.

Several artists have tried in the past to incorporate issues to do with politics in their music. These include Winky D and Tocky vibes. Winky D’s album Njema has songs that speak of the pathetic political and economic situation in the country. These include songs such as Ijipita which brings hope of a brighter future for Zimabweans while Njema speaks of the daily struggles of the ordinary person without any political connections. Tocky vibes released a song last year, reprimanding soldiers for brutally attacking innocent citizens and even killing some in the process. In past decades, musicians such as Thomas Mapfumo also released songs that directly attacked the political order of the day.

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