Marry Mubaiwa too sick to attend court

VP Chiwenga’s ex wife, Mary Mubaiwa’s trial was deferred after she told the court that she was suffering from ill health, therefore she could not stand trial.Marry Mubaiwa communicated with the court through her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa that she is recovering and therefore needs more time to heal.The nature of her illness was not revealed.

Marry was supposed to answer to assault charges, after she allegedly bashed her former maid Delight Munyoro.Munyoro claimed that Marry Mubaiwa assaulted her at Hellenic School after a heated argument over the custody of Marry and VP Chiwenga’s three children.Munyoro alleged Marry Mubaiwa attacked her at Hellenic School after a heated argument over Marry and VP Chiwenga’s three children.When the alleged assault happened, Ms Munyoro had gone to pick up the children from Hellenic School as part of her duties.She then came across Marry Mubaiwa at the school, who demanded to see the children.

Munyoro denied Mubaiwa access as she was under orders from VP Chiwenga not to do so, until his legal wrangle with her over the custody of the kids was resolved.Marry is said to have flew into a rage and started attacking Munyoro who claimed her teeth loosened from the attack and she had a cut on her lip.

Marry Mubaiwa denied attacking Munyoro and said the women had a argument on the latter’s divisive tactics with the kids but it didn’t escalate into a fight.

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