ZRP issues stern warning against 31 July demo

The Zimbabwe Republic Police have distanced themselves from a letter that is circulating on social media alleging that they have given the green light to demonstrators. The letter gives clearance to those that are planning a demonstration on 31 July to go ahead with their plans. The letter even has a ZRP stamp and is signed but it has been said to be fake.

The government has given a stern warning to protestors to stay at home and not partake in any acts of violence. Social media has been flooded with calls for people to take to the streets this end of July in order to speak out against the tumbling economy, poor living conditions, a failed health system, skyrocketing inflation and eroded salaries. ED has however warned that he will not hesitate to disperse people by all means necessary.

The last time people took to the streets to demonstrate, soldiers killed several people. Another looming hazard is the issue of the corona virus. The alarming increase in the number of local transmissions has been a cause for concern. Even the number of deaths from covid 19 have risen to 13. If people were to gather and be one unit, there is great risk of spreading the virus should one person be infected.

A closer look at the situation in town shows that police have already been on high alert the past week.

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