Government promises to cover medical bills of covid 19 patients in the civil service

Government has promised to look after civil servants who get the corona virus while on duty. In a statement issued to the press recently it was stated that civil servants that fall ill on duty can get up to six months of sick leave on full pay as well as having their medical bills paid. This relief applies only to Frontline staff. The announcement has been hailed as a step in the right direction

The covid pandemic has caused widespread panic and unrest especially for members of the civil service. Frontline workers such as nurses,doctors, pharmacists and other members of staff in the civil service have been at high risk. There have been reported cases of covid 19 in some sectors.

It seems government is fully committed to ensuring that its workers get the necessary medical attention should they fall victim to the pandemic. In June, civil servants were given a USD 75 covid 19 allowance which they are still getting up to date. The money is however being deposited into Nostro accounts and most banks are converting it to rtgs instead of giving it out as cash. The allowance is an incentive for all the sacrifice that Frontline workers have to do to ensure the smooth running of things.

Civil servants have welcomed the new development with open arms. Most of them said their paltry salaries are not enough to cover medical expenses should they fall sick with covid 19. The fact that government is willing to step in and assist has been commended

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