These DIY tips can make your life easy

1 Re use rubber gloves
When rubber gloves gt worn out, cut them into rings to make rubber bands. These large bands will be very useful around the house

2 Stop weeds in their tracks
Use wet newspaper as a weed blocker. Before laying a new bed, place a layer on the ground and then cover with soil and mulch

3 Save water and get rid of bad odour
Punch a hole in the lid of a bottle of vinegar and stand the bottle in your toilet tank. This will minimise the amount of water that enters your tank and save water. It will also leave your bathroom smelling fresh after every flush

4 Stop spills
To prevent paint from dripping onto the floor when painting your walls, glue a large paper plate under the paint can to catch sneaky drops

5 Keep walls in top shape
Keep picture frames from damaging the walls at the corners by gluing strips cut from an eraser onto their corners

6 Freshen up your concrete
To clean the dirt off a concrete floor, sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda, then splash it with vinegar. While the mixture is fizzing, scrub the floor with a hardy brush. Rinse with warm water and the surface will be clean

7 Use soapy screws
Before screwing a new screw into a wall plug or wood, roll the screw over a bar of soap. This will make the screw easier to turn

8 Keep candle holders clean
Before using your candle holders, apply a thin layer of olive oil. When the candles have covered the holders in wax, the olive oil will allow the wax to peel off easily

9 De gunk your gutters
Scrape your gutters with a cane to remove pesky winter leaves from blocked gutters

10 Remove stickiness from your iron
Remove sticky residue from an iron with salt. Run the hot iron over paper sprinkled with salt

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