“I saw Maradona in heaven” prophet Madungwe speaks

Prophet Madungwe has pulled yet another shocker. The controversial man of cloth has once again made stunning claims about the heavenly fate of a popular figure. In a rather shocking message on social media, Madungwe claimed that he had made his usual heavenly trips and encountered the late football legend Diego Maradona. He wrote,” Was with Diego a few minutes ago and all of heaven is rejoicing, welcoming a man who used his God given talent. Ruth and the others are already organizing a welcome party. Diego is at peace”.

The shocking revelations has caused furore online but then again Madungwe is no stranger to controversy. Diego Maradona passed away recently at the age of 60. The football star died of cardiac arrest. Madungwe has stirred yet another controversy by his claims and social media users have questioned his sanity yet again.

Madungwe made the headlines a few years back when he made claims that he had travelled to heaven and seem God face to face. He then claimed to have continued with his heavenly conquests and is apparently friends with religious figures such as Abraham and Moses. At one point he said he had been invited for some braai with these fallen heroes.

When American football star Kobe Bryant died, Madungwe also claimed that the heavenly council, which he claims to be a part of, was deliberating on his fate. He uttered similar sentiments whenever a well.know figure passed away.

Some people have branded the prophet a lunatic and yet others follow him loyally. He has his own congregation that laps up his every prophetic word.

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