Woman beheads her own four children in a fit of rage

A woman from Chivhu is reported to have run amok leading to her beheading and burning up her four children. The horrific incident occured following an argument between the woman and her husband over infidelity claims. The spine chilling incident was confirmed by the police.

They said Emelda Mazarani aged 29 had a confrontation with her husband Lameck. She later on went into a murderous fit and slit open the throats of her four children before setting her house on fire. She then gulped some poison that she had earlier on bought before handing herself over to the police. The woman is from Highview surburb in Chivhu.

Most people have expressed shock and anger at the woman for taking away such innocent lives over a dispute with her husband. Some have even called for the death penalty to be imposed in such circumstances. Time and again, couples have been asked to resolve marital disputes in a peaceful manner. Cases of children being caught in between the marital woes of their parents have been on the increase.

Mazarani tried to burn down the house with the dead children inside and when neighbours asked her about the smoke coming out of the house she is alleged to have claimed that all was in order. While people have been lashing out at the woman and accusing her of being selfish, others have attributed the heinous acts to evil spirits.

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