Marry Mubaiwa’s ex husband offers shoulder to lean on

Marry Chiwenga’s former husband Shingi Kawondera recently made the headlines after reaching out to her. The former football star and husband to Marry shocked many people when he called on his followers to show some support for the support for his sickly ex wife. Speaking on the issue, Shingi wrote,”May we all pray for Marry,may God revive her spirit, may she live to see the wedding of our first daughter Destiny,I believe in you. Mai D you are stronger than any disease or any court case!!#they can’t afford you-Peace”.

The show of support came as a surprise to most people considering the long standing rivalry between the two former lovers. Marry is said to have left Shingi penniless before finding greener pastures in the arms of former army general Chiwenga. His concern for her health has baffled many people.

Marry is facing multiple challenges in her life at the moment. Her CBZ funds and bank accounts were recently frozen. As if the blow was not heavy enough, she also had to deal with the issue of her belongings being dumped at her offices. Marry is battling serious health issues. Pictures recently surfaced on social media showing her with swollen hands with the flesh hanging out. Last week, she had to be wheeled into court on a stretcher bed to cancel a warrant of arrest that had been issued against her for failure to attend court. Marry is clearly a troubled soul. Her fallout with husband Constantino Chiwenga placed her in a tight corner. She is also facing various criminal charges.

Some people have questioned whether Shingi intends to get back together with his former wife. His show of support has however been commended. It seems as if he has forgiven his former wife for the way things ended between them

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