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2015 MAZDA CX-9

New Accessory Package Expands Mid-Size SUV’s Already Versatile Range

The elder statesmen of the Mazda lineup, the CX-9 mid-size SUV looms large above the plucky Mazda2 sub-compact car and almost aloof next to the CX-5 compact SUV. Yet while bold may not be CX-9’s repertoire, being decisive is. With seating for seven in its multi-configuration three rows, the 2015 CX-9 is mostly a carryover model but now is outfitted with a new recreational accessories package and available with a Titanium Flash Mica finish.

2015 mazda cx-9

β€œCX-9 is the anchor of Mazda’s full line of vehicles, the able-bodied sentinel ready to take on tasks large and small,” said Jim O’ Sullivan, president and CEO, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO). β€œAs with any Mazda, precision and handling are principle elements, and our mid-size SUV is no different. For 2015, CX-9 continues to offer consumers unmatched dynamics, reliable safety and appealing design.”

Mazda’s biggest vehicle also is one of its most refined, delivering ample room and amenities while serving a perfect platter of power and personality. Available in three trims (Sport, Touring and Ground Touring), the 2015 CX-9 boasts the model line’s only V-6 engine and is an all-season pro with an available Active Torque-Split All-Wheel-Drive system.

2015 mazda cx-9.1

Big Heart, Compact Footprint
A brawny MZR 3.7-liter V-6 engine powers this mighty mid-size SUV with engine performance topping competitive SUV imports. Maximum output is 273 horsepower at 6,250 rpm for effortless acceleration and passing performance. The torque curve keeps 250 lb-ft at 3,000 to 6,000 rpm and peaks at 270 lb-ft at 4,250 rpm.

The state-of-the-art 60-degree short-stroke V-6 includes advanced features such as a die-cast aluminum block with cast-in iron cylinder liners and aluminum cylinder heads for reducing vehicle weight. The valve train includes chain-drive dual overhead camshafts for minimal maintenance, four valves per cylinder with direct-acting bucket-type actuators and variable intake valve timing. The throttle is electronically controlled for immediate driving responsiveness.

2015 mazda cx-9.2

Two close-coupled catalytic converters clean the exhaust without hindering power. Computer-aided engineering analysis was used extensively to configure the cylinder block casting, to shape intake and exhaust ports and to design the high-volume exhaust system fitted with three large mufflers. Very low back pressure is one reason why the vehicle’s power curve is still ascending at the 6,500 redline. In addition, the forged-steel crankshaft is fitted with induction-hardened journals and a full complement of counterweights. Engineering details also extend to a roller-chain cam-drive sprocket lined with rubber for additional noise reduction.

2015 mazda cx-9.3

The 2015 CX-9 is outfitted with a single transmission option – an Aisin-supplied six-speed Sport AT automatic with a manual mode. Broad ratios maximize flexibility by providing nimble launching and quiet cruising speeds. The top two gears are both override ratios to further aid in acceleration and fuel economy performance.

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