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From glam to trash: Madam boss makes a shocking transformation

Madam boss is trending yet again for her transformation from glam to trash. The comedian cum entrepreneur looked perfect in a made up face with all the works only to reappear looking like a totally different person. She had removed her wig and make up and looked like a rural version of her previous self.

Madam boss is no stranger to pulling off different faces. She can step out looking very stylish and gorgeous and later on show off her ugly side. She does not even mind the negative comments that follow with some people calling her ugly. Others are in love with the fact that she stays true to herself by showing both her made up face as well her original self.

Madam boss has been making great progress in her career. She is one of the most sought after comedians in the entertainment industry. She is a brand ambassador for companies such as 1202 herbal solutions and Nyaradzo group. She clearly knows how to grow her portfolio. She was recently roped into a campaign by a company from Cameroon.

While most celebrities hide behind tones of make up and never reveal their natural faces, Madam boss is different. She actually makes fun of her face at times and the scar below her eye. This has led fans to compliment her for being authentic unlike some celebrities.

The picture of Madam boss looking like a worn out and unsophisticated person has caused furore on social media. We suppose being a public figure has not affected Madam boss that much to the extent of posting such a picture. She is a comedian after all

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