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“Stunner Stole My Song And It’s Sad” – Says Christian Rapper MudiwaHood

Oh boy, can someone please take these boys’ phones and throw them as far as they can. Mudiwa and Stunner won’t stop their petty girly fight, we are starting to believe it’s love between the two because no one shows their “hater” that much attention.


Today it was Mudiwa who went on a social media rant putting out texts between him and “frenemy” we would like to believe, Stunner. For those of you who don’t know or haven’t cared until now, the story goes like this.

Mudiwa supposedly writes a hate song, like a normal Christian does, Mudiwa’s producer Craig Borne) then gives the song to Stunner. Turns out Stunner is a changed man and doesn’t sing hate songs anymore so he doesn’t want the song but doesn’t have any problem gaining some hype from the misunderstanding.

Anyway Stunner went on to do the song apparently, fast forward today, Mudiwa is really hurt and wounded by Stunner’s lies. “This guy had this planned tho…. I ddnt kno, all attention he getting he dreamt of it…U need me to be relevant!!”, christianly tweeted Mudiwa.

Check out the what’s app convos between the two and decide whose song it is anyway?!

mudiwa and stunnermudiwa and stunner1

mudiwa and stunner2mudiwa and stunner3

There you go people, this is what our people fight for these days.

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