Cool Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can sometimes be tiring and quite taxing trust me especially considering your family setup. The saying you are what you eat is always displayed on all healthy lifestyle blogs and sometimes this becomes more of a task than a lifestyle. What exactly should one eat to show that indeed they are embarking on a healthy lifestyle, I wonder?

There will always be Billy who loves huge chunks of everything and makes sure he prepares meals that leaves everyone’s saliva dry. Then there is Mary who just survives on junk food and she is always poking you wanting to offer you a piece of chocolate every now and then. Then of course dad who always reminds you that there is nothing wrong with sadza as this is your staple food and you were raised eating sadza yet you want to religiously follow the plans you have been given on eating healthily.

It is wise to join a group which follows your lifestyle and you share your eating habits and exchange ideas. Instead of always munching junk food you should replace it with fruits and yoghurt and always minimize your portions because too much of everything is highly dangerous. Once your body gets used to small portions it easily adapts and make sure you drink two or three glasses of water before eating so that you can take minimal portions of food and also take juice/water whatever your preference when you are eating.

Be accountable for your choices, you should have a small notebook where you write your achievement for the week and assess your progress. You should include even the anomalies you endured and the junk food you ate so that you will be able to assess how you are doing. It is widely advisable and encouraged to adopt healthy eating habits for our health benefit and longevity. To a healthy lifestyle…

by Dalphine Tagwireyi



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