Healthy Habits That Can Give You Headaches

There are healthy habits that can give you headaches might actually shock you. You have been told to eat your vegetables, exercise a lot and have enough sleep which is good for you.

Healthy Habits That Can Give You Headaches
Healthy Habits That Can Give You Headaches













Would you believe that these good health habits can be a pain in your head?

Extra sleep

A human being needs 8 hours of sleep but you decide that you need those few extra minutes of shut eye. Sleeping in can trigger changes in the amount of stress hormones in your bloodstream. This strain on blood vessel then triggers headaches. Take short naps if you need extra sleep.


Giving up on coffee can cost you your peace of mind. If you decide to go off caffeine then be prepared to have a few headaches.

Packed Lunch

Cheap can be costly because whilst you are trying to save money by carrying lunch from home. Some of the meat in your lunchbox may contain nitrates that trigger migraines.

Hitting the Gym

Regular gym sessions are great for you but they can also trigger head pain if you’ve increased your workout intensity quickly, worked very intensely or become dehydrated.



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