7 Fashion Trends That Are Harzadous to Your Health

​We live in an age where everyone wants to be fashionable and trendy at all costs. As painful as it sometimes can be individuals wear all sorts of clothes to meet current standards. Though some might choose to ignore the signs, what you are wearing could be bad for your. Even though it is important to look well groomed and stylish, but it is far more important not to damage the very same body that you love to adorn. Here are 7 fashion trends that are bad for your health.

1.Waist trainer

Also known for centuries as the corset has been used by women to achieve that slim waist. Wearing a tight corset can be bad for your health. It’s true they look great, but continuous wear can actually result in your internal organs moving and even crush your ribs.

2. Large handbags

There’s a song about a ‘Bag Lady’ and it’s a fact that a good handbag is a woman’s best accessory. And though large handbags are handy for carrying almost anything and everything this can be terrible for our backs. It can also affect your posture by throwing you off balance. Try alternating which side you wear your bag on to even out the load.

3. Heels

No denying it that heels give a woman’s strut some sexiness. When ladies put on heels something completely changes about their look even more confidence. However there’s a reason why they call them killer heels! Eventually high heels strain muscles in both the legs and lower back. Pointed toe heels cause bunions on the feet. When possible wear flat shoes and keep the heels for special occasions and those important meetings where you might need to look the part. It is also recommended to wear heels that are 3 or 4 inches long.

4.Tight clothes

Whether it’s a body con dress or skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings are bad for your health. Men who wear speedos and skinny jeans are at risk of testicular torsion and lower sperm potency due to the amount of heat. In general, tight clothes cause numbness to the muscles, ‘tight pants syndrome’ (TPS) which is marked by abdominal discomfort, heartburn and belching, bladder problems.

5. Artificial nails

Long nails elongate the fingers; nail art makes the nails look pretty however artificial nails can cause severe damage to the nails and fingers in the long run. Acetone thins the nails therefore causing them to break easily and making one’s fingers susceptible to diseases . Give your nails time to heal and strengthen before booking another nail appointment. You can paint your nails with nail polish which will still look very pretty.

6. Hair extensions

Hair extensions are not a thing for women of colour only neither limited to women too. For those people who need to add volume to their hair hair extensions are a must have. Hair extensions can be weaved in, bonded, braided, plaited or pinned onto one’s natural hair. However prolonged use will eventually cause balding of the hairline, thinning and breakage of the hair. Give your hair some time to breathe in between hairstyles and keep it natural. Opt for a wig if your natural look is not a ‘do’ with you, so that your hairline can recover.
7. Make up

Nowadays all over Instagram there’s a caption ‘Make up by…’ or ‘My face just got beat by…’ and it’s such a glorious moment. Make up has been the tool to enhance one’s looks or in film and theatre to create illusions for characters. And though make up is great, it clogs pores and and causes spots. Try having days off where you go au natural not forgetting to moisturise. Also don’t forget to remove make up before sleeping.


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