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7 Ways To Fundraise Extra Money

7 Ways To Fundraise Extra Money

Month in and out you are looking at your paycheck and trying find ways to ensure that you have a little extra on the side. You want to have control of your finances whilst trying to advance yourself in your career so you need to sustainable income. You need to start fundraising for extra money but you have to be strategic about it. Below are 7 ways that you can fundraise extra money.


7 Ways To Fundraise Extra Money

7 Ways To Fundraise Extra Money

1. Sale things that you don’t need anymore online or in a garage sale

2. Take on an extra job as long as it doesn’t clash with your current job.

3. Cut back or stop completely eating out.

4. Cancel subscriptions such as cable TV or accounts such as magazines, clothing etc.

5. Cut your grocery spending by $100 by getting coupons, switching to cheaper yet reliable brands and buying at wholesales.

6. Go on a spending fast whereby you do not spend money on anything except for planned, or necessary expenses.

7. Stop bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling or comfort eating as these habits take up most of your money in subtle ways.




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