10 Bad Habits That Are Making You Look Old

Age is nothing but a number but there are some people who actually don’t look their age. Some people look way older than their actual age whilst others are forever young. Some are blessed with good genes while most attribute to good health habits. Our daily habits influence how old we look and feel. By taking care of yourself through your lifestyle you are able to slow down the hand of old age. Below are some of the habits that may be ageing you prematurely.

10 Bad Habits That Are Making You Look Old
10 Bad Habits That Are Making You Look Old

1. Not using sunscreen

Now sunscreen is very important for people of all ethnicities. While people of colour have a better advantage that Caucasians, recent research has shown that people of colour are also prone to skin cancer. Sunscreen must be used all the time and even during winter.

2. Not wearing sunglasses

Wearing your Ray bans isn’t just a fashion statement but a way to keep you looking young. By squinting your eyes towards the sun you are causing wrinkles on the sides of your eyes. Plus the sin is bad for your eyesight.

3. Tanning and skin bleaching

So these are two extremes however the results are the same. Tanning or fake baking ages the skin and increased chances of having skin cancer. Skin bleaching on their other hand thins the skin’s layers hence making it lose it’s elasticity. This causes wrinkles as well as making an individual prone to skin cancer.

4. Smoking

An overall bad habit for several reasons including it being an antisocial behaviour. Smoking damages the teeth, lungs and causes individuals to age quickly.

5. Sleeping on your face

Unless you own a satin pillowcase, the material used for pillowcases often causes lines on your face. Try sleeping on your back or sides to get that beauty sleep.

6. Poor skin care

From sleeping with make up on, to lack of hydration and not moisturizing, age will kick in faster than one can say ‘young’. Your skin needs to be taken care of daily with good skin care habits that include wearing protective clothing, good nutrition, enough sleep and using the right skin care products.

7. Staring at your phone

Mobile phones are like any part of our bodies so the addiction is inevitable. However constantly being on your phone is not only bad for your eyes but your neck and back. Try spending less time on your phone. You can alsobuse it at eye level angle so that you don’t have to bend your neck so much.

8. Poor diet

There can never be enough emphasis on having a well balanced diet. Eating the right food in the right proportions and drinking lots of water are key to looming and feeling young. Poor nutrition means poor health, bad looking skin and being physically unfit.

9.  Drinking from a straw

What does drinking from a straw have to do with ageing you ask? Well when you use a straw a lot, the pressing of your lips and sucking effect cause lines across the sides of your mouth.

10. Bitterness, anger and having grudges

Do not let the sun set on your anger is a good saying. Because we are human we are bound to get angry and hurt however we shouldn’t harbour grudges for lengths of time. Bitterness and an he have been known to age people quickly. This also causes heart diseases, ulcers and even mental distress. Learn to forgive, forget and move on.

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