10 Terrible Mistakes Job Searchers Make

Every employer has qualifications and qualities that they search for in a job searcher. There are expectations from a CV to the application letter and the interview. A candidate on the search for a job has to be shrewd about how they present themselves prior to looking for a job. Every cover letter, phone call or email is very valuable. However there are several mistakes that candidates can make that can work against them. Below are the 10 terrible  mistakes that you might make as a job searcher. Find out how you can avoid making them.

10 Terrible Mistakes Job Searchers Make
10 Terrible Mistakes Job Searchers Make

 1. Failing to follow directions about how to apply.

This matters because it shows how you as a job searcher can and is willing to follow directions. You show that you are legitimate with your resume and application.

2. Send resumes or cover letters with typos

If you send your CV or cover letter with typos and other grammatical errors, it shows that you don’t care about how you brand yourself.

3. Apply without providing the salary information you requested

You need to put value on your credentials so that your future employer can evaluate if you are within their budget. It also shows that you are assertive have done your research about the market pertaining to working hours,qualifications and remuneration.

4. Fail to send a customized cover letter with their resume

We live in an era where copy and paste is easy hence taking a sample cover letter off the internet is easy. You need to ensure that your cover letter stands out hence tailor making it to suit your application as well as the company that you are applying to.

5. Leaving large, unexplained gaps in your employment

As in previous articles about making applications, you need to be cautious about the gaps in your employment history. You need to explain the reasons behind the gaps in your resume. This will show that you are an honest person who has nothing to hide.

6. Not indicating what you accomplished within your previous job descriptions

It’s one thing doing your job but it’s another creating or accomplishing something from it. You need to add what you achieved whether it was clinching a big client or winning an award. This makes you a very valuable candidate and shows the hiring manager that you can add value to their company.

7. Apply for jobs for which you are not qualified for

Have you noticed on some job notices how they specify ‘no chancers’? Well that’s because some candidates choose to ignore the requirements to be eligible for the job.

8. Showing problems with language and sentence construction

The use of good language is valuable to a job searcher. You need to be able to write well using proper grammar and constructing sentences that make sense. With this you will be viewed as having good non-verbal and writing skills.

9. Being overtly dramatic or gimmicky with your application or resume

Using emojis or sparkly envelopes are some of the ways that a candidate can be viewed as an attention seeker and not in a good way.

10. Skipping Human Resources and applying to the hiring manager or the CEO.

Taking shortcuts to get a job is never a good idea. Don’t skip dealing with the Human Resources manager at a company because your credentials will always find their way back to HR.

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