7 Personal Hygiene Rules We Break Every Day

Self care and personal hygiene are essential in our daily lives. Hygiene extends from self to the envinronment around us. Good grooming and hygiene are essential for staying healthy. Below are the 7 common personal health mistakes made on a daily basis.
1. Using too much hair balm or hair food.
Hair balms have a dense texture due to silicones and other components whose purpose is to make hair smooth and shiny. Too much balm will cause hair to quickly become dirty. This leads to increased greasiness and poor hair growth. Use a drop of hair food and apply only to dry and split ends.
2. Using too much toothpaste.
Too much toothpaste on the brush makes lowers the quality of brushing. Use a pea sized amount of toothpaste for brushing teeth.
3. Washing with shower gel or soap every day
Daily use of shower gel destroys this beneficial bacteria which protects the skin. The body becomes more susceptible to various diseases, and the skin becomes dry.  Try washing with water only or use bath oils to moiturise the skin.
4. Picking your nose.
Your fingers and hands in general harbout germs that may cause an infection if they get inside your nose.Wash your nose by drawing water from your palm with your left and right nostril alternately. Or, better still, use a special device.
5. Lining your lower lashes on the inside
This is a common practice by a lot make up users. The tip of your pencil, harbors bacteria that can cause an infection. This can affect the eyes especially when mixed with tears. If you want to accent your lower lid, use eye shadows instead.
6. Clipping your fingernails.
Clipping your fingernails deforms the structure of your nails. They start peeling and breaking.You can prevent this by cutting your nails to the required length.Shape them by filing them down.

7. Covering your mouth with your hand when coughing or sneezing

Instinctively we cover our mouths and noses with our hands.

However this is the most unhygienic practice as we add germs to our hands. You should cover your mouth with a disposable tissue. Alternatively, cover your mouth with your elbow crease.
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