7 Habits that Kill Your Productivity

Aristotle said that ‘success is not an action but a habit.’ To be productive one needs to develop good habits. It’s important to work smarter not harder each day. You can only achieve productivity by setting attainable goals. These goals are only made if you are not exercising bad habits. Following these 10 things that you should stop doing right now to become more productive.

1.Hitting the snooze button

Trying to get extra sleep in the morning will make you late. When you are late you then try to compensate for the time that you weren’t working. This leads to frustration and little to no productivity.

2. Multitasking

This comes as a result of trying to being late or being too ambitious. Multitasking leads one into producing substandard, incomplete work on a daily basis.


3. Focusing on distractions

Emails, entertainment, mobile phones and even social media are great distractions. But they cause a person to be unproductive.

4. Thinking and not doing

Are you one of those people who is constantly thinking about what they want to do instead of actually doing? Day dreaming or even speaking about achieving isn’t the same as working. Focus on little tasks to achieve the bigger picture.

5. Not having a plan

Working on the go is dangerous as it refutes productivity. You need to set up a work routine so that your brain is accustomed to certain ways of working.

6. Being a perfectionist

When you try to be perfect or deliver perfect work you set yourself up for disappointment. Perfectionsim leads to falling behind schedule and leads to burn out.

6. Having a long to-do list

Trying to do so many things in one day can lead to unproductivity.


7. Not using the word ‘No’

Taking on tasks that you can’t fulfill because you can’t say no doesn’t help you.


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