10 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job

The job market offers both challenges and opportunities. When you send out your CV and you finally received receive a job offer it’s exciting. There are things to consider before accepting the job. Utilise interviews as a way to scope out if you would like that specific job. Below are 10 things to consider before accepting a job.

1. The job expectations and skills required of you.

2. The salary must be to your satisfaction.

3. If the job offers packages such a health, vacation leave or educational advances.

4. If you future in the company culture and environment.

5. Your perception of the company.

6. Check for irregularities that can affect your work experience.

7. If the job will help you meet your career goals.

8. Presence of professional growth opportunities.

9. If the job meets your personality and lifestyle.

10. Review your contract thoroughly.



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