10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You’re a Lazybones

Losing weight tends to be one of the greatest health challenges. A lot of people want to be be slim and fit, but the diet fads weaken the motivation. Then comes in our busy lives which often makes exercise the last thing one’s mind. The problem is, you still want to lose weight but you don’t know how. Below are some tips that will help you to shed off through weight effortlessly.

1. Drink lots of water

Drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 minutes before every meal. You will fill up your stomach and also lessen your sweet tooth.

2. Pay attention to your food.

Be mindful of what you eat and eat your food. Eat slowly making sure that you enjoy every bite.

3. Use a smaller plate.

Take a smaller plate, and eat only the amount of food that it can hold. Use a small spoon or your nondominant hand to eat your food.

4. Sleep more.

Wanted an excuse to add more hours of sleep, you have one. If you sleep, you don’t eat. Besides, sleeping burnins between 50 and 100 calories per hour.

5. Sleep in the cold.

Research says that sleeping with a temperature of 19°C (66°F) helps your body get rid of calories as it burns fat to maintain its temperature.

6. Add some fat burners.

Boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently with foods such as spices,olive oil, hot peppers, and green tea.

7. Don’t limit yourself

If you want to eat a cookie or some chocolate, do it. Restrictions only stress you making you feel even more hungry.

8. Brush your teeth.

Make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal. That will prevent you from going for one more portion of food.

9. Laugh out loud

According to studies laughing increases our energy expenditure by up to 20% above resting. Laughing works on the abdominal muscles.

10. Use hot compresses.

Use hot compresses on the areas that you want to lose weight. Heating makes you sweat, thus you get rid of unnecessary liquid in your body.

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