10 Ways to Use Public Toilets Safely

A clean and safe toilet is what everyone needs. A lot of people don’t like using public toilets. Public toilets are used by many people and, as a result, a lot of bacteria accumulate there. If you are frantic about using a public toilet there are ways to safely use them. Check out the 10 ways that will help you use public toilets without fear.

1. Use the cleanest stall.

2. Don’t put your things on the restroom floor because they will collect microbes.

3. Have disposable seat protectors that covers the toilet seat.

4. Flush smart by wrapping your finger with toilet paper, and press the flush button.

5. Wash your hands in hot water because it effectively fights microbes.

6. Dry your hands with paper towels instead of hot air.

7. Don’t touch the door handle without a paper towel or toilet paper.

8. Always keep sanitizer for your hands with you.

9. Always have your own toilet paper or wet wipes.

10. Tell the management about dirty public toilets.

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