5 Natural Substitutes for Sugar

After a month of detoxification, it’s time to cut out the sugar. Apart from giving energy, sugar has little benefits to your health. The aide effects of having too much sugar include diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, heart disease, certain types of cancer and even poor cognitive functioning. Fortunately, there are natural sweeteners that are healthy and tasty alternatives to refined sugar. Find out 5 natural sweeteners that’ll help you easily forget sugar.

1. Dates

Dates are a wholesome and nutritious fruit. You can have dates as a snack or add them to your muffins or scones.

2. Molasses

Thick and sweet molasses are rich in minerals and B vitamins. Molasses are good for your tea.

3. Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index and it’s delicious.

4. Sorghum sugar

Produced from the sap of sweet sorghum, sorghum sugar has been used in beverages, dough, and desserts.

5. Maple syrup

Maple syrup us low in calories. It lowers the risk of getting cancer and diabetes. It’s can be added to pancakes, salad dressings, marinades.

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