Top 7 Career Skills for 2018

Every year the career trends change including required career skills. These trends help you in increasing your chances of being employed. Below are the career skills that will give you the edge in 2018.

1. Digital skills

There are many high paying jobs in the IT sector. It’s important to advance your digital skills.

2. Data analysis

Data is used to measure performance, analyse budgets, project sales and identify customer preferences. If you have good analytical skills with numbers then upgrade.

3. Social media literacy

Social media has become an invaluable marketing tool for companies.

4. Creativity and problem-solving

Develop your problem solving skills and advance your creativity.

5. Management skills

If you are thinking long term, then advance your leadership skills. Learn how to manage people, objectives and finances.

6. Financial skills

Companies will always need people who can manage finances. Having the ability to analyse and track finances increase your chances to be hired.

7. Sales and marketing skills

Sales, and marketing skills are still in high demand. Companies require individuals who can market their products and services whilst meeting targets.

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