5 Ways Of Avoiding Injuries at Work

The workplace can offer certain dangers if precaution isn’t taken. Our jobs may seem harmless, especially if you don’t work on industry sites. However workplace injuries can and do happen anywhere. This is why disaster preparedness is required for all employees. Unfortunately, most workers don’t know about the risks of their jobs. Furthermore employees are meant to be compensated in the event that they get injured at work. Below are the measures that can be taken to prevent injuries.

1. Overexertion

This includes injuries related to pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing activities at work. To avoid this, individuals need to learn lifting and carrying techniques. It’s also helpful to ask for assistance to carry heavy loads.

2. Falls

Falls occur when one slips on wet and slippery floors or trips over something lying on the floor. Signs to indicate wet floors must be put in place. Individuals also need to

3. Assault and battery

People can get injured in the workplace after arguments turn into serious physical alternations. Place strict regulations pertaining to workplace violence.

4. Car accident

Employees who drive for business purposes are often injured in auto accidents, some of which can be fatal. Prevent these by making sure that all staff understand the regulations of the road. Ensure a designated driver whenever staff attend events with alcohol consumption.

5. Being struck by objects or equipment

This includes injuries due to falling or swinging objects, such as items falling. These lead to bruises, cuts, and lacerations, as well as head trauma and brain injuries. Prevent this type of accident by making sure items are secured properly, and wear a hard hat when in construction areas.

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