7 Ways to Beat Sleepiness During the Day

We all have different sleep cycles hence some people are more affected than others. For some it’s easy to feel sleepy and lethargic during the day. While it is not necessarily a negative to take a daytime nap, there are just days when it’s not possible. So, on those days consider some of the following strategies for staying awake and alert.

1. Get enough sleep at night.

For adults, an average of seven to eight hours of sleep per night is ideal.

2. Eat a combination of healthy carbohydrates and high-protein foods for lunch.

Meals filled primarily with carbohydrates have the same effect on the body later as sugar and caffeine.

3. Do the most tedious part of your job in the morning hours, if possible.

Putting off boring work until the afternoon will definitely result in desiring a nap. Afternoon meetings are best when there is high energy as well as creativity involved.

4. Work out or at least take a midday walk.

Exercise gets the blood flowing and the brain working. It is also an overall health positive for every person. Working out during the day allows most people to sleep better at night, too.

5. Eat regularly all day.

It is challenging for a body to catch up during the afternoon if only one meal has been eaten.

6. Deal with stress through exercise and/or meditation.

Often when a person feels tired due to stress, meditation not only helps relieve the stress but also refreshes the body.

7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Water refreshes and revives tired bodies.

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