Teachers Demand To Be Paid For Invigilating Zimsec Exams

Teachers unions have demanded that their members should be paid for invigilating public examinations. The teachers are arguing that they are only paid for teaching students and that invigilating examinations is an extra job which is not provided for in their contracts. At the moment, invigilating is regarded as part of the teacher’s duties.

In an interview, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), president Takavafira Zhou said,

Zimsec is an autonomous parastatal independent from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and it generates its own income through Government funds and exam fees paid by candidates. This shows that it has the potential to pay service providers. It should appreciate teachers’ position. Our woes arise from how Zimsec treats us, instead of appreciating teachers for the free service that we are offering to facilitate public exams, Zimsec blames us for paper leakages. We are aware that the culprits are at Zimsec…Teachers are paid for marking these public examinations, a sign that Zimsec appreciates that marking an exam is different from marking school work in class.

Zimsec advised the teachers to approach the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education over the issue.

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