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Unovashungurudza challenge takes Zimbabweans by storm.

There has been so much excitement on social media handles as several people have been posting videos of themselves dancing along to the song by Jah Signal called ‘unovashungurudza’.

This was after the singer had announced that he was giving away USD 100.00 to the video with the most likes. Jah Signal has a lot of followers and it is no wonder that videos have been flooding his Instagram page with people singing along to the song. This is not the first time that the singer has dared his fans to sing along to his songs. Early this year there was another ‘Stonyeni’ challenge to which his followers posted videos whilst perfoming his hit song ‘Sweetie Shinga muroora’

It is the issue of the prize money that attracted more people this time to the challenge. In the wake of the harsh economic climate in Zimbabwe, people have been putting on their best acts in order to win the coveted prize money. People from all categories have partaken in the challenge. These include the youths, the elderly, men and women in a bid to come up tops.

Unovashungurudza is a song that was released last year. It was done by Jah Signal together with Madzibaba N Zacharia. It is a hit at parties,weddings and social gatherings. The singer however was criticized by some for merely taking cold common hymns and simply changing the lyrics. The song was released under the album Jaya.

Jah Signal is one of the best zimdancehall singers at the moment. He has been busy with international tours and is set to perform in the United States this coming weekend.

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