5 WordPress Plugins You Should Avoid

Blogging and content writing has become the “thing” for anyone who wants to promote their businesses. Almost every new blogger use word-press to put their content online. Because every plugin you activate makes WordPress a little slower, here are the plugins you should avoid using.


1. Broken Link Checker

This plugin is highly server intensive and could overwhelm your shared hosting server. If you need to use this plugin, use it during low traffic periods and disable the plugin once you are done with it.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin is server intensive and could easily strain your shared hosting server.

3. Related Posts Plugins

Avoid related posts plugins in general because of the nature of how they work, they are extremely database intensive. The indexing sorting and all functions are carried out using your server’s resources.

4. WP- Post-views

Avoid this plugin on shared hosting servers as this would eat up your server resources.

5. WordPress Popular Posts

This widget plugin displays the most popular posts on your blog. Also avoid this plugin on shared hosting servers.dr

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