Top 5 Music Streaming Apps In Zimbabwe

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps In Zimbabwe

To some music is life and some pass through grief by use of music and some conquer depression with the help of music. Here are the top 5 music streaming applications which a Zimbabwean can use and be up to date with the day to day music, the top charts music and also the trending songs.One can follow their favorite artists by using these 5 applications.


One of the best application, this one has some features of listening to favorite songs for free, gives the best mainstream services and is also can open the application anyway and anytime, it is a universal application. If a user follows a specific artist for a long period of time, they can get notification of that one particular artist they follow especially when there is a new release. Easy navigation for discovering new music and has features which makes it easy to build own playlist.

Apple Music

Complicated especially if one is not using an iPhone, but has a wide range of selection for music from different artists, has good user interface design especially when searching for a song. If the user may have mistyped the artist it gives options of the artist searched for, can correct mistyped name, tracks can be summoned with the user’s voice.


This one personalize the users playlist ,meaning to say that all the artists the user likes will be at the top of the bar and also can get notification, it also categories artists according to their is also easy to create an account for the application ,easy to locate search icon unlike Apple music.

YouTube Music

Most impressive service, one can download his or her favorite artist using less data and also the download is fast. From well-known artist who upload albums on a daily basis to upcoming artists who just have singles and most of them are not known, they can be found on this application fast and easy, even if one search for lyrics without knowing the one who sang the song, it appears with the title of the song and also the artist, music or playlist are constantly updated.

Amazon Music Unlimited

If a person is a member, music comes free of charge hence it is the cheapest mainstream music application. Playlist and genres are accessible from the main also gives lyrics which appears on a particular song and is a higher quality stream.





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