Things To Do After School/College

School/College Is Over, What Now? Here Are Things To Do After School/College

You are obviously the best person who knows what you want to do with your life. Sometimes you get life changing decisions imposed on you by your parents and because of fear you tend to take the path they pave for you. However attending a US graduate program meeting that featured Professor Magaya who is based in the United States of America was quite eye opening as I was a recent graduate with absolutely no idea of what I really wanted to do in life.

Professor Magaya talked of volunteering in a field you are keen to enter as this gives you the much needed exposure and experience, you will have concrete referees highlighted on your résumé. I took his advice and approached She Leads Africa a platform for young motherland moguls who are creative and think outside the box and I am following my passion. Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it and work towards making it worthwhile and in your favour. Approach the organization you really want to be part of and ask on volunteering opportunities and sell yourself to them on why you think you would be a good fit for them.fig1: Source instagram @Sheleadsafrica

Be open and willing to talk to people you meet because you never know what they might assist you with don’t judge a book by its cover rather treat everyone with respect. On a recent road trip from Harare to Bulawayo I sat next to a petroleum engineer Rachel Mazarire who is based in Norway and she told me about the Quota Scheme Scholarship available in Norway and encouraged me to try it together with other ideas she unpacked to me.

You can explore for opportunities abroad especially in countries that can offer full scholarships., sign up for various educational websites that advertise for these scholarships if you want to further your studies because it is a better option compared to being idle at home. Take up even unpaid internships as they may have a long term benefit to you and your career. In developed countries, being a social media influencer is actually a job and in countries such as South Africa and Kenya (to mention a few) which boast of a sound entertainment industry they have also adopted the power of digital media. You can build up a following on your various digital media platforms and approach relevant companies to advertise for them and start the year on a good note. Creativity is a tool needed, don’t let your ideas go to waste, try doing the items I mentioned above to better your life, because the people you are watching (movies) are doing something worthwhile with their lives.

by Dalphine Tagwireyi

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