9 Ways To Dealing With A Difficult Superior 

Ever dreaded going to work because you can predict what kind of day you will have? Do you have that superior at work who barks orders like a military sergeant? Maybe you are feeling under the weather but may be afraid to ask for an off sick. We all have experienced or might be experiencing a difficult superior. Be it your boss or the manager under them who oversees the workplace. Such people can make tge work environment difficult to be in. You understand that you need your job but you also want to be in a conducive working environment. Below are ways to dealing with a difficult superior while getting your job done successfully.

9 Ways To Dealing With A Difficult Superior 
9 Ways To Dealing With A Difficult Superior

1. Show patience and self control even when tempted to snap back.

2. Don’t seek sympathy from your boss by making excuses or sharing problems.

3. Avoid gossiping about your superior with your colleagues no matter how much you want to vent.

4. Find out what makes your boss tick and work towards using their motivations to your advantage.

5. Volunteer to do the dirty work including working after hours and solving the difficult

6. Do not assume you are not appreciated but instead focus on doing better and reaping the right results.
7. If your superior is always micromanaging then load them with questions about how to be better at your job.

8. Don’t try to be friends with your boss but instead find a way to have a respectful and cordial relationship.
9. Show your superior how appreciative you are for the job and what you are learning in the process.

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