Avoid Risk Of Installing Malware Via WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most used mobile app due to its reliability and cost effectiveness. Most people find it easy to share files through the platforms. However Whatsapp has also become a target for hackers to install malware.

Avoid Risk Of Installing Malware Via WhatsApp
Avoid Risk Of Installing Malware Via WhatsApp

It has been discovered that some applications which are downloaded via Whatsapp which contain malware.

One of the recently discovered is an app called Elite VPN. According to an article by Techunzipped the app has been spreading in WhatsApp groups.

The app attempts to turn infected devices into a botnet that could allow its operator to control other surrounding devices. It sends text messages to all the contacts of the infected user.

Users who are at high risk to this virus, are those who want to get ‘free’ internet from service providers.

The best way to avoid such malware is to avoid downloading unknown applications. If downloading from a Play Store make sure that you choose a popular and highly rated application.

Make sure that your mobile phone has a reputable antivirus. If your phone does not permit an application, do adhere to that .Always keep your device and apps up-to-date.

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