7 Tips on Writing a Job Application Follow-Up Letter

The wait for a response after applying for a job can be frustrating. You want to have closure or at least know the way forward. You can send a follow-up letter. A follow-up letter, is to help you try to impress the employer. Below are some tips on writing a polite and professional follow-up letter to a job application.

1.Send it promptly.

It takes time for companies to respond but if it’s been more than two weeks consider writing a letter.

2. Be polite.

Avoid using vocabulary that accuses the employer of forgetting your application or ignoring you. Be extremely polite throughout the letter.

3. Keep it short

Get straight to the point, explaining who you are and why you are writing.

5. Reinforce your skills

Emphasize why you are right for the job, and how you can add value to the company.

6. Edit

Make sure it is professional and polished by reading through the letter carefully before sending it.

7. Follow up again

If you don’t receive a response after a week or so, follow-up again and try other methods such as a phone call or email.

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