7 Remedies for Chapped, Dry Lips

Our lips require as much care as our skin. Though they don’t have melanin, they are susceptible to sunburns. Cold weather and illness also affect the lips. Dry and chapped lips are irritating and unattractive. Try the remedies below to attain healthy, supple lips.

1. Use a lip scrub.

Exfoliate your lips with coconut oil and natural fine sugar.

2. Moisturize inside and out.

Keep your lips wet by drinking lots of water. By drinking water you also cleanse and moisturise your lips.

3. Use a humidifier.

Dry air causes dry lips, more so in winter. You can make the air humid by leaving the bathroom door open while showering or buy houseplants.

4. Cucumber mask

Take a thin slice of cucumber, and apply it to your lips for 5–10 minutes. This is effective in winter.

5. Lip balm with ceramides

Your lips naturally have an outer layer of protection, but food, treatments, makeup, and the weather all tend to destroy it. Ceramides work to help your body naturally restore this protective layer.

6. Avoid highly acidic foods and spices.

Acidic and spicy foods disrupt the natural protective layer of your lips. Avoid eating these type of foods.

7. Use sunscreen.

Your lips just like the skin all over your body is sensitive to the sun. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

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