10 College Majors With the Highest Rate of Unemployment

When it comes to choosing a college major, you need to think long term. Always research on the job opportunities that come with your degree. You need also consider the remuneration offered with the job. Not all college degrees are created equal.You can also look at the work/life balance, or job satisfaction. It’s important to also look at your ability to find a job after graduation. Below are 10 majors that have the highest unemployment rates.

1.Business Management and Administration: 3.3 percent

2.History: 4.8 percent

3.Physical Sciences: 4 percent

4.Psychology: 4.4 percent

5.Political Science and Government: 4.2 percent

6.Mechanical Engineering: 2.9 percent

7.Economics: 3.9 percent

8.Finance: 3.7 percent

9.Communications: 3.7 percent

10.Mathematics: 3.2 percent

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