Carl Joshua Ncube Named Part of the Quartz Top 30 African Innovators

The fourth instalment of the Quartz Innovators list is out and this year, 30 visionaries making big moves in a vast array of sectors have been named. Award winning comedian, Carl Joshua Ncube has been named among the 30. On his profile the Quartz website it reads, “Carl Joshua Ncube made his career as a comedian by criticizing the man who ruled over his home country for most of his life: 94-year-old former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. The 39-year-old stand-up comic took aim at Mugabe’s age and incompetence, and the economically dysfunctional and oppressive state he ruled for almost four decades.”

According to Quartz, “They all have one thing in common: a burning drive to make an impact on their communities, countries—and ultimately the continent.” They are the future of the continent. When Barack Obama was President of the United States, he gave African countries a nugget they need to take seriously, “Ultimately, Africa’s prosperity depends on Africa’s greatest resource—it’s people.” With the growing recognition of innovators in the continent, there is a clear drive towards encouraging Africa’s greatest resource to benefit its base first.

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