5 Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

The face of employment is changing with the ever evolving technology. The global village has made getting jobs abroad easier by just a call. The call can either be audio or visual but most employers prefer Skype. A potential candidate can be interviewed via Skype. Like an interview in person, there are dos and dont’s that every candidate should know. Below are 5 Skype interview tips to help you get that job:

1.Dress the part

You might not meet your potential employer in person but you need to dress professionally.

2. Don’t be late

Be an hour earlier so that you can prepare in advance.

3. Ensure working network

You need to make sure that your computer and network are functioning well. Test your microphone and camera beforehand so as to avoid glitches.

4.  Setup your environment

Create a clean background that represents your organisational skills.

5. Focus on the camera

Look straight into the camera as a way of keeping eye contact with your interviewer.

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