5 Ways to Stop Procrastination at Work

Many of us put work on hold or fail to be productive due to procrastination. We find ourselves at times failing to meet deadlines. However if you are looking to excel at work you need stop procrastinating. Procrastination steals time and effectiveness. Do you want to improve your work life by meeting your targets? Find out the 5 Ways to Stop Procrastination at Work.

1. Create a to do list

Make sure that the day before you have planned the tasks you will carry out. Your to do list will give you a guideline and by ticking tasks off, you will be productive.

2. Get rid of distractions

Be it texts on your phone or social media, make sure that you get rid of distractions.

3. Keep track of your time

Set a time frame for each of your tasks. Make sure that you keep track of your time.

4. Counter negative thoughts

Negative thoughts and emotions can be a distraction. They will deter you from achieving your goals. Make sure that you deal with negativity before working.

5. Don’t multitask

Multitasking seems like a good idea but it’s counterproductive. Do one task at a time and make sure to complete it.

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