Myths surrounding pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It might be difficult for some women as they experience morning sickness, loss of appetite, weight gain and uncontrollable cravings for weird things but the Crux of the matter is that pregnancy is a miracle in itself.

There are numerous myths surrounding pregnancy. Most of them have been formulated since the beginning of time. Popular among these is the issue of preparing the birth canal known as masuwo. Women strongly believe that certain local herbs and shrubs should be taken either as teas or in food in order to ensure that the cervix opens on the day of labour and delivery.

The most talked about remedy is elephant dung which can be put in water and the pregnant woman can drink it on a regular basis. The use of earth found on certain small hills ( mavhu enhuta) is also very common. Most women find themselves in a predicament over such practices. Whilst it is regarded as a must for one to ingest these traditional medicines, doctors have strongly reprimanded people from using anything to assist the process of giving birth. They have advised against that these remedies prematurely soften the cervix thereby resulting in miscarriages and tearing when one is giving birth. Furthermore churches have bemoaned the spiritual implications of using such concotions.

Pregnant women are urged to do light exercises and eat healthy food in preparation for birth, nothing more. Sex has also been cited as a better way of preparing the birth canal as it is a natural act and does not have any side effects.

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