Success stories of people living with albinism

Success has over the years been deemed as an attitude, and when considering achieving success in life, attitude is everything as possessing a positive outlook can help overcome obstacles and discouragement.

Locally there have been some personalities that when growing up may have faced discouragements largely due to albinism, a congenital disorder characterized in humans by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. While the state of having such a condition has been a huge hindrance for many who face several challenges, there have been some that have illuminated such a condition and made a mark in society.

Here is a list of people living with albinism that have registered remarkable success:

  1. Candice Mwalyekele – Candice is a natural when it comes to news presenting where she has left an indelible mark courtesy of her infectious voice which has ensured she has had a successful career at ZiFm. Boasting of one of the most articulate voices on radio, Candice is a darling to listeners when presenting the news.
  2. Aldridge Munyoro – is yet another case illustrating that disability is not inability. Munyoro has risen to become a lecturer at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, an institution where he acquired a degree in social work. 23
  3. Season Ndundu is undoubtedly another classical example of overcoming all adversity and rising to become a prominent figure in society. Despite all the barriers, Ndundu has risen to being an award winning radio personality renowned for possessing a large following at Zimbabwe’s most listened to radio station, Radio Zimbabwe. 
  4. John Makumbe – overcame all barriers and rose to becoming a prominent politician at the MDC. Makumbe died aged 65 but left a legacy of how determination can override any impediments that one may be faced with. 

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